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Some questions and answers about Liminal Creative

Do you only work with nonprofits?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: We have worked with and plan to work with for profit clients in the past and into the future. We believe that we can offer them value and translate our skills to their business goals. But, our experience and relational network is in the nonprofit space. The nonprofit space is our passion, our gifting, our network and our calling.

That said, if you run a for profit company and want to talk about how we can serve you. We would love to begin the conversation and see if there is any possibility of working together.

If Liminal Creative is run by Todd Hiestand, who do you mean when you say "we"?

While Todd Hiestand is the principle owner and strategist of Liminal Creative he has built a network of designers, programers and strategic partnerships that he brings into projects when it gives value to the client and project. When you work with Liminal Creative you not only get the expertise of Todd, but you tap into the expertise of his entire network as well.

Do you only work in WordPress?

Short answer: Yes, kind of.

Long answer: WordPress is the tool that Liminal Creative knows the best. We believe in it because it is open source, is flexible, extendible and, if used correctly, has very little in limitations.  That said, we believe that the tool being used is not nearly as important as the content and the strategy that is being executed. Squarespace or Webflow might be just what you need for your project and we are open and willing to use those tools of the project requires it.

Why are you ditching 343 Consulting?

Frankly, while we liked the behind the scenes meaning of 343 Consulting, it had very little meaning to our work and our clients. The idea of Liminal hones in on the kind of people we work with and the kinds of work we do.

It also happens that our logo now looks better on a t-shirt. 🙂