Leadership Fundraising

What if good storytelling isn't enough anymore?

We help nonprofits develop a custom Leadership-based Fundraising approach that will grow their audience and convert observers into donors all while expanding their influence.

What is Leadership-based Fundraising?

We have been obsessed with this question: What if you need more than great stories to raise the money you need to fulfill your mission? 

These days, most organizations have realized that they need to tell a compelling story.. With this in mind, we have been asking some important questions lately that help to build on this foundation.

Questions such as:

  • How do we stand out in a sea of good stories?
  • How do we identify the people who care about a cause like ours?
  • How do we connect with new donors?
  • How do we invite fans of our work to become leading donors?

We believe it’s questions like these that will move us to new ways of being and leading in the world.

In this new world, it is nonprofit organizations that must lead the way into the future.

To do so effectively, nonprofits need to reimagine how to grow by channeling their leadership capacity.

We can no longer only tell good stories to our donors, we also need to develop donors into leaders.

Our Leadership-based Fundraising approach engages donors holistically, educates them on your specific expertise in the world, and provides them with experiences that open their worldview and lead others to engage in your work.

Here’s an overview of our approach:

  • Engagement: We discover ways to engage your donors beyond your newsletter, website, and fundraising campaigns.
  • Education: As a nonprofit leader, you have an expertise that the world needs. Together, we will create ways to engage and educate your donors to help them grow.
  • Experience: Proximity is a key to bridging the gap between our donors and the communities we serve. Together we will discover what it looks like to create authentic experiences that create a bridge between the two worlds.

When you engage, educate, and provide experiences you create deep bonds with those you are leading. This process creates a natural progression to more donors, more partnerships, and a broader base of leaders who are sharing your story.

While good storytelling creates a solid foundation that ensures donors understand the impact of your work, it is Leadership-based Fundraising that will expand your voice, increase your reach, and grow your influence in our increasingly liminal world.

Interested in learning more about our Leadership-based Fundraising approach?