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Welcome Cherie and Nathalie to the Liminal Creative team!

By Todd Hiestand | December 12, 2022

In January, we (Bill and Todd) merged our consulting businesses and launched the new Liminal Creative. The last 12 months have been a wild ride. We have served incredible clients by coming alongside them in their rebranding, website redesign, naming, key messaging, annual reports, copywriting, graphic design, storytelling, communications, and fundraising strategies. We have grown…

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Own the Complexity, Pass on Clarity

By Todd Hiestand | October 4, 2022

Another common expression here at Liminal Creative is, “Own the complexity, pass on clarity.” Nonprofit organizations are doing some of the most complex work in the world. These organizations are working every day to offer solutions to the world’s most challenging problems — issues like extreme poverty, hunger, systemic racism, trauma, human trafficking, and violence.…

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How Is That Working Out For You?

By Todd Hiestand | September 28, 2022

“It works just well enough to make you think you should keep on doing it?” This is a constant refrain here at Liminal Creative. We often create habits, routines, and processes that work just well enough to make us think we should keep on doing them. We continue doing these things… Because they are comfortable.…

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Four Important Qualities of Brand Messaging

By Bill Cummings | July 20, 2022

In certain circles, those who are involved in communications have had the idea that “context is king” ingrained in their minds. The phrase conveys the importance of making sure that we understand and make clear to others what the context is when attempting to get our thoughts and ideas across.  We still believe that context…

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Crisis & Generosity

By Todd Hiestand | July 5, 2022

“We don’t want to ask for help when people are hurting so badly.” In 2020, as the pandemic’s effect on the economy started unfolding, nonprofits questioned their future. What was going to happen with the economy? Would people still give during a global crisis? Would current donors start giving to other immediate needs affected by…

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Post-Super Bowl Reflections on Marketing & Communications

By Bill Cummings | February 14, 2022

We have some close friends in the Cincinnati area, and we’re really bummed for them that the Bengals lost last night! But it was a great game, following what we believe was the best NFL postseason of all time. The Super Bowl has become so much more than a game over the years. It has…

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Your Year-End Campaign Starts Now

By Todd Hiestand | January 10, 2022

Congratulations! You made it through what is most likely the most lively time of year for your organization — the year-end fundraising season! Whether you exceeded your goal or fell just short, we are sure you did a great job telling your story, connecting with donors, and making appeals that helped to move your mission…

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The New Liminal Creative: Merging With Groundswell

By Todd Hiestand | December 21, 2021

Liminal Creative is growing! I (Todd) am excited to officially announce that as of January 1, 2022, Liminal Creative is merging with Groundswell, whose founder, Bill Cummings will join our team as Co-Owner and Co-CEO. Bill has been a good friend of Todd’s for over ten years and is a seasoned nonprofit founder, leader, marketer,…

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What do we mean by “Liminal”

By Todd Hiestand | December 15, 2021

The word “Liminal” means: “that space in-between where you are now and where you want to be in the future.” Everyone goes through at least one major liminal time in their lives. It’s a weird space. It’s unsettled. It’s uncomfortable. Far too often, it’s downright painful. In liminal times, you know you are not where you…

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Voiceless or Not Heard?

By Bill Cummings | November 8, 2021

In my twenty-five years of experience in the nonprofit sector, I can’t count how many times I have heard organizations use the phrase “we are a voice for the voiceless.” In the early days of my work in this space, I used similar phrases without giving much thought to the implication of my words. I…

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