Case Study

In 2019, we helped Lemonade International by creating their most successful end of year fundraising campaign to date.

Lemonade International helps the children and families of La Limonada in Guatemala City break the cycles of poverty, violence, and injustice.


We worked with their executive director and team to develop a customized campaign strategy. We designed and executed all digital aspects of the campaign — including email and social media marketing.

Using Classy, their online donation processing platform, we designed and developed the landing page, which provided clear and compelling calls to action.


Theme / Branding

We created the theme, which was “Enduring Justice”, highlighting the 10+ years that the organization had been serving in the community of La Limonada.

This theme also emphasized that the work being done, and donors’ corresponding support, would have an enduring impact.



We created a custom Christmas themed logo that was used inLemonade International’s online presence and social media throughout the campaign.

Going live with their seasonal rebrand went live in conjunction with the launch of the campaign, and also announced that the Christmas season was upon us!



One of the greatest strengths of Lemonade International’s work is the stories of the children they serve. We worked with in-country staff to write, edit, and publish compelling, life-giving, and honoring stories of the children being served by their work.

These stories were integrated into the campaign as they were shared across the blog, social media, and email.

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Giving Strategy

We connected the donor’s generosity to real-life situations and stories. Lemonade needed branding for their tradition of giving shoes, vitamins, supplies, food, teachers’ wages, and general donations.

We provided art-direction, creating graphics and icons so donors would understand the tangible impact of their giving.


Crowd Funding

Utilizing Lemonade International’s fundraising campaign software, Classy, we created and launched a crowdfunding campaign with board, volunteers, and highly engaged donors leading the way.

Launching the campaign with this approach got things off the ground, and raised almost $15,000 — acquiring many new donors to the organization.

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This campaign became one of the most successful campaigns of Lemonade International’s 10+ year history — raising a total of $91,000, exceeding their goal of $80,000.


“Todd helped us create a compelling and effective campaign strategy that we executed together. I can’t say enough about how much help he was."

Chal Knox
Lemonade International, Executive Director

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