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About Liminal Creative

We create websites, marketing plans and digital solutions for a strange new world.

Liminal space is that space in-between where you are now and where you want to be in the future.

We create custom digital solutions that help leaders and the organizations they lead to save time, be better understood, grow their engagement, and fulfill their mission.

These solutions lead to fully funded, mission-critical projects, raise up new stakeholders, and help leaders and the organizations they serve to lead the conversation in their field.

Todd Hiestand has over 20 years of experience in founding, leading, building, and marketing nonprofit organizations.

In 2020, Todd relaunched his consulting work, 343 Consulting, as Liminal Creative.

This new brand, created in one of the world’s most liminal moments, builds on his work over the last 20 years in the areas of leadership, fundraising, marketing, communications, and community building.

This boutique creative agency brings with it Todd’s passion and skill in helping nonprofits grow, fulfill their mission, and help their future-defining voices be told and heard.

Todd’s professional experience began as a co-founder and lead pastor of a small, but impactful church, The Well, in the diverse environment of suburban Philadelphia, PA. As he helped lead this community for fourteen years, he learned the art of community building, leadership, and growing and sustaining a nonprofit organization from the ground up.

With a passion for technology – and out of financial necessity as a bi-vocational pastor he started a business helping churches and nonprofits create, build, and manage websites. He has been doing this work since 2004, which is the equivalent of about 487 internet years. This experience helped guide him into marketing and fundraising for nonprofits full-time.

As the Director of Nonprofit Development with Pure Charity, Todd honed his skills and expanded his knowledge base related to fundraising best practices, crowdfunding, and peer-to-peer fundraising. During this time, he developed an extensive network of nonprofit leaders, as he worked to create websites and digital fundraising solutions for hundreds of local and internationally-focused nonprofit organizations.

With a passion for international and cross-cultural work, he served on the board of directors for Lemonade International for seven years. During this time the organization grew from a small start-up nonprofit to just under one million dollars of revenue per year.

After serving in a board role, he continued to serve Lemonade International by leading their digital marketing and fundraising efforts. This was a unique, and liminal, time as the organization needed to grow its donor base and capacity, while at the same time navigating a transition in senior leadership from the founding CEO to a new Executive Director. Todd was integral to the team as they planned and managed two record-setting end of year fundraising campaigns. During this time he also helped create significant growth and reach as well as re-establishing trust with the donor base through relational and digital marketing efforts.

His international nonprofit work continued as the Associate Director of Development at Compassion First, an international nonprofit that provides long-term, hope-filled solutions for survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation.

During his time there, he led the organization through a new website relaunch. He also led the research, selection, and implementation of a best-in-class fundraising and donation management system. Additionally, he was a part of the core team that led a wildly successful major giving campaign. This campaign led to significant growth in the organization’s monthly revenue.

Todd has continued to build upon his expertise in helping nonprofits improve their fundraising and donor management processes by working closely with companies such as GivingFuel and Funraise.

In all of this, Todd has been no stranger to liminal moments and navigating the “that space in-between where you are at now, and where you want to be.”

Our Approach

Leading With Strategy

We believe that effective marketing can only come from an effective strategy. We take the time to understand and define the “why” of your projects before we get to the “what.”

Going Deep With Clients

We become part of your team. We do not work from the periphery; we fully engage with you to get to know and understand your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities so we can most effectively drive growth as you define it.

Executing Only What’s Necessary

We do not create marketing assets just because everyone else is. We only sell and build what is necessary to expand your reach and position you for sustainable growth. We believe your work will grow as we provide the strategies and services that are actually helpful to you.

Engaging In Long Term Relationships

Our work is rarely transactional. We are driven by personal connection and meaningful relationships. This means we are in it with you for the long haul — walking with you through whatever may come your way. We don’t disappear when things get hard. It is not quite “till death to us part.” But it is close.

Being Experts In Our Field

We believe there are good, average, and best ways to do things. We work hard to educate ourselves to continue to find and discover and execute on strategies and projects that are best for you.


Relentless Positivity

We refuse to allow negative thinking to keep us from helping you reach your organization’s goals. We’re indefatigable in our positivity and always find ways to see others, our clients, and the world in the most positive way possible.


Relationships drive us and are at the core of our work. The people we work with, internally and externally, are always be more important than the projects we work on. (That said, the projects we work on are important because they are connected to our clients!)

Fun With Depth

We deeply enjoy our work and that comes through in our relationships. We do this while also maintaining depth and seriousness about our work together.


We know that strategy and ideas are only as valuable as the assets and projects that are executed as a result. We are relentless in “getting things done” and making sure to bring our research and ideas to life — where they create positive change and make a real difference.


We relentlessly grow our knowledge of best practices in our field. We always aim to be on the front edge of the latest trends and methods so that our clients are able to push forward towards relevance and growth.