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343 Consulting is now Liminal Creative

I am excited to announce that 343 Consulting is now Liminal Creative.

As I have continued to navigate this crazy, insane, stupid, ridiculous, and unpredictable year I have become more passionate about doing things that matter and putting my best efforts towards making a difference in the world.

This change is more than a rebrand – it’s a way for me to plant a flag in the ground for the things that I am most passionate about. I have always felt my heart being drawn to the liminal spaces in our world — those places where things are unsure and uncertain. It’s in these places that, while challenging, we learn and grow the most.

With the launch of Liminal Creative, I will walk alongside nonprofits as they navigate this crazy new world we find ourselves in. We like to joke about not being able to wait till 2020 is over. But, deep down, we all know that the world is changing forever.

We are entering into a new reality.

Nonprofits are my passion because I genuinely believe they will define the future. Yeah, giant corporations and businesses might make a big splash. However, it is the nonprofits that are on the front lines. They are the ones in the war zones, the under-invested communities – the liminal spaces of our world.

Liminal Creative is here to help their amazing stories come alive.

To celebrate this launch, I am offering free consulting to nonprofit leaders and small businesses during COVID-19.

I can’t wait to work together.

Todd Hiestand
Liminal Creative

P.S. We have made a little Q & A about the transition here.